August 17, 2006

Unchartered "web"-itory

It's 0749 and all my kids are sleeping. I've stolen away from my normal life to detail my other life -- crafting. I'm a self-taught, self-proclaimed craft junkie. Ask me, and I've probably tried it. I delve into jewelrymaking, cards, crochet, sewing, and wood crafts. Jewelrymaking? Done that. I love making jewelry, particularly with sterling silver wire and precious gemstones (that I can afford, of course.). I also love bead weaving, japanese style. I've also been turned on to kumihimo, japanese braiding, which I'm trying to incorporate into my jewelry. Chain maille too. I took a class and now my hubby wants me to make him a chain maille helmet for Halloween (yeah right). I've been doing this as a hobby since college days. My first recollection was making some flimsy jewelry as cheap Christmas gifts. Yeah, I'm sure my cousins' girlfriends thought they were great -- not. I did not get back into it until after I was working full-time and looking for a way to keep from spending so much money at Liberty House (now Macy's) buying jewelry. Then we got robbed. The drugged-out jerkoff stole most of my jewelry and I realized since I was cleaned out, why not learn how to make my own stuff? I can design them in any way I want, with real silver and gemstones; I can make them stronger than anything I can buy at the store; and create anything whenever the mood strikes me. My co-worker would see new earrings on me every other day and she would ask me, "Did you just make that?" I always told her, "Yeah, just this morning!" Et Voila, so is my background on why I started. Card-making? Done that too. I love paper and all the tools associated with manipulating and decorating it. I create 3-dimensional cards and have sold quite a bit of them too. All handcrafted, all hard work, and often-times in large quantities. More on this later. Crocheting? Learning it. This came out of a desire to make Hawaiian crochet lei. I had to ask my mom -- who ended up, the first time I asked her to help me, making the lei all by herself. I love you, mom. That was a two years ago. I'm still learning, but now I can make the lei with my mother now (as opposed to her making it for me), and I managed to make an awesome sweater for my 7 month old and some chic scarves. Sewing? I love this too. I bought my sewing machine with my Christmas bonus about 3 years ago. I am, by no means, an expert at sewing but I think I've made some pretty damn cool stuff. My father teases me about never taking home ec in middle school or high school. I was a band geek and later a student government officer and yearbook editor. Sorry -- no home ec for me. Wood crafting? This was for my personal benefit. I've made the ottoman in my living room, the headboard on my bed (for safety purposes...), my son's upholstered booster chair, a paper towel holder, etc. Kitschy? No way. I'm an island girl with metropolitan tastes. "Country style" is not for me. Why would anyone care about my crafting abilities and where I got them from? Well, I've been doing this for a long time and I've decided (with some 'urging' from my hubby) to try my hand at selling the things I've lovingly made. Would you indulge me and support a stay-at-home mom of three kids? I hope so. My #2 just woke up and asked me to give him a bath. That's a first. Maybe this is the first of good things to come.


michazel.nyc said...

hello jane,

the earrings look beautiful! You should sell the things you make. Have you heard of Urbanbaby? If you advertise there, it'll reach millions!

good luck on your new venture!

hazel x.

Vera said...

Girl, I totally support you on this. You were into crafts waaaay before a lot of people got into it - and you're good at it!

I'd love to see more invites, announcements, etc. Have you ever heard of Envelopments? Those things blow me away!

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