October 27, 2006

The Adventures of an SRAJD

[cue Theme Song from Indiana Jones] This is my first foray into the world of online selling. One day, while waiting for my son to finish his preschool class, I thought to myself, "How do I get people to my etsy site?" I researched and observed a bunch of successful etsiers and realized I must make my presence known and on the cheap. First, I made a banner for my myspace site. That turned out pretty cool, if I dare say so myself. I also started posting bulletins for my myspace friends to let them know when I had new stuff online. I hope people actually read their bulletins. I know I do... Next, I opened up a flickr account to put up photos of my new items. The catch on flickr, however, is that I can't use the account for promoting my business 'outright'. I'm too cheap (I know I already mentioned this point) to go "Pro" on flickr, so I posted up the photos, and mentioned in the description of the pics to check out my profile, which in turn, linked them to my etsy site. Clever? Not really. I give props to those etsiers who did it first. You guys are smart! I'm just following a good thing. Then, this blog. I designed three different backgrounds (all of which you could find on flickr, by the way) -- all with a different feel. Put a link here, a link there, and voila, instant advertising. I love the internet. Thanks to all of you who actually stop by here and read my stuff. In a further effort to advertise myself, I also stumbled across bust.com, which has web listings for just about anything (Really. Anything!) a woman could want! The site was created by women, for women. I love its design...so retro! I found out I could list my etsy site at no charge. Yay!

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Finally, I submitted an application to be a "Self-Representing Artist Jewelry Designer" almost a month ago. I am officially No. 320. Cool.
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If anyone out there has any other suggestions on how I can further shamelessly promote and advertise my site, please comment me. I'll really appreciate all the input! [End - Theme Song of Indiana Jones]

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