February 2, 2007

:: new birthday, new jewelry, of course ::

I created these at midnight, the hour I turned *%$. I was searching for red jade for a customer, in town and online, and discovered it to be very difficult to find beads with a deep red color, let alone pear shaped and unfaceted. I checked out the Chinatown and got accosted by a store owner trying to sell me everything but red jade. "Amethyst? This strand 280, but I sell to you for 200 dolla!" "No, no, thank you." "How 'bout garnet? Bootiful garnet? This strand $100, but I sell to you for 80 dolla." "No thanks," as I frantically tried to run out of the store with my boba tea. "I still have some moh, here!" My search ended online, or so I thought. I found some teardrop shaped red jade online, purchased it, and waited a week or so. I received them, but guess what? They are more a candy jade color than red, as you can see above. Oh well. The search continues. These babies were made with tip drilled pearls and sterling silver flowers. I love pearls. I wore these all day on my birthday. I experimented with other items to make the shot more interesting, thus the rose petal. I think I should use the entire rose though, not just one petal. I'll try it later.

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