March 29, 2007

:: a shot of one of my sections of the store ::

I worked my first shift at City Lights Too this past Saturday. I have to admit, I was a little nervous, because: (1) I was alone in opening the store that morning and I don't normally hang out in that part of town, so my alertness was pretty high; and (2) I was afraid I wouldn't turn the alarm off in time, and the security company would have to send some police officers to check out the store. This was my first "job" so to speak; in a couple of years. (YEOW!) I hung out with a couple of my fellow crafters, Donna and Mary, who came in for the second shift, and Robbie, who thankfully came in to answer all my questions about the cash register and credit card machine.

Here's a look at the my section the store. I didn't get to photograph my jewelry in the showcase, but I'll get a couple shots later during my next shift.

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