April 25, 2007

:: celebrate your mom -- she deserves it ::

I posted some new items on manoaroad the other day, all for Mother's Day. Here's a taste: More of of my new items can be seen in the right column under "My Etsy". On a recent "IKEA run" to L.A. , I managed to crochet some coffee jackets (aka coffee cozies, java jackets, coffee sleeves -- well you get the picture) while on the road. After a whole lot of joking around, I lovingly coined them "Coffee-a-go-go." It sounds curiously like some coffee candy I've seen a long time ago. I've posted all that I've made on manoaroad, for those who love their coffee-to-go, but want to save the environment by not picking up those cardboard sleeves... for that hardworking guy in your life who needs his morning java: Reminds me of Neapolitan Ice Cream:

Very spring. I love this green color:

These kind of look like tulips, with the curved tops. I'm not exactly the most suave person with a cup of coffee, and I think these are perfect for those who are like me, The "Spillage" People. Ha ha! Ok, it's not that funny. But it was hilarious while we were in the car driving back to Vegas.

All of these as well as many other handcrafted items on Manoa Road can be 20% off if you take advantage of the discount code in the right column! Perfect for Mother's Day.

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