May 23, 2007

:: i am dying to make something ::

We've been in STL for almost three weeks now. I love my hubby, but I am dying not being able to access my tools and make some jewelry. I visited some amazing craft stores in this area and picked up a bunch of beautiful beads, including red jade (finally!), black onyx, orange sunstone, and a beautiful set of purple, blue, and pink chalcedony. More on my bead store escapades at another time. Now if only I had my tools... The only things I brought with me on the trip...well to rephrase that... the only things I could fit into my luggage were my crochet needles and a ball of heather gray yarn. I've been practicing crocheting in rounds and so now it doesn't seem so daunting. In the first week here I made a cloche hat (pics to follow) using a pattern from "Hip to Crochet" by Judith Swartz. The hat came out nice, but when I tried it on, it looked ugly on me. I guess I'm just not a hat person (i.e., my head must be shaped weird). But it looked perfect on Rory (my youngest). Now if only she would just keep it on long enough for me to take a photo... I finally decided I would try the free cupcake pattern offered by anapaulaoli (on her blog and her etsy shop) and it turned out cute! I tried to crochet it last month but gave up after a short while while trying to work the round. She offers the absolute cutest amigurumi dolls (animals, food, etc.) on her etsy site. She is extremely generous with her patterns and her directions are easy to follow. Now if I could only get some good lighting so I can take a photo of it...

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