May 21, 2007

:: more of st. louis ::

Yup, still here! Hubby had a day off yesterday, so we took advantage and went to the St. Louis Science Center. To our joy, we found that there was no entry fee! To our son's joy, they had a Marvel Super Heroes Exhibit, showcasing all things Marvel-ous. Definitely for the kids, they featured Marvel Comic Book heroes and explained the science behind their powers; e.g., Iceman and the states of matter; Wolverine and bionic parts; Daredevil and heightened human senses; Storm and the power of lightning and electricity; and our favorite webhead, Spiderman and the tensile strength of spider webs and the real science behind spiders. (Too bad you couldn't see Tobey Maguire.) I took some tres cool photos. Check it out:

Look out, Jorryn! Red Skull is behind you!

Noha's in control of Doc Ock...

Innocence playing in the shadow of evil villains.

What a good day. He loves the Marvel Universe.

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Katrina said...

I love the picture of Noha doing the Spidey thing at the museum!! He really was channeling some miniature web-slinging hero right there! I'm so glad you guys found a house and that there's some familiar culture for you over there! Needless to say... PHEW! Right?

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