June 3, 2007

:: meet Charms Xavier Rabbit, thanks to jilly-flowers ::

Here are the pictures of my little project while in STL. I gave it to my eldest, who stayed behind in Vegas to attend school. (Our trip was too close to the end of the school year to take her out for 3 weeks -- you know how that goes.) I gave this to her as a souvenir of the trip, whom she proudly named "Charms Xavier Rabbit." I photographed Charms on her pillow (which explains the wrinkles, sorry). I got the fabulous pattern from http://jilly-flowers.blogspot.com/2007/01/free-amigurumi-pattern.html after an extensive google search. Her pattern was very easy to follow and surprisingly quick to crochet! It was putting the pieces together that took a little time. But I managed to finish Charms in 4 hours or so (which involved me watching the Season Finale of American Idol). I didn't have any stuffing, so I cut up some plastic bags that my hubby had on hand and it worked nicely. It doesn't quite look like jilly-flowers' (which is very cute, by the way), but for a first try, I thought Charms didn't look too bad. I used Red Heart yarn instead of wool yarn as she recommended. What is most important is my daughter loves him. That's good enough for me. Check out her blog http://jilly-flowers.blogspot.com and her store at http://www.jillyflowersnotts.etsy.com.

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