September 11, 2007

:: i remember ::

it's been six years since 9/11. after a morning of craziness, i turned up NPR and sat in silence in my car in honor of those who perished that day. i remember where i was that morning. we were still living in honolulu. i was 7 months pregnant with Noha. it was around 4am or 5am or so, and i got a call on my cell phone. i still remember saying, "who the hell is calling me at this time?" it was my sister yelling at me to turn on the tv. she said the world trade center was hit. "Hit by what?" i woke up my husband and we turned on the news. and for the whole day, we watched the events unfold in front of our eyes. i remember calling my boss at 6am and telling him to do the same thing as my sister had. i remember we had clients who had offices at the wtc and prayed they made it out okay. when i finally got to work, i remember the tv was on all day. the whole staff was somber and in utter disbelief. we forgot about work and gathered around the television watching Fox News. we were supposed to be preparing for trial, but even the courts had shut down for the day. i remember my boss trying to call everyone he knew who worked in that area to make sure they were okay. his former coast guard buddies. fellow lawyers. insurance adjusters. i remember john telling me his brother worked in the wtc. i found out later that john's brother was not near the wtc because his car had broken down that morning. he ended up riding on the subway and was running late for work. late enough that he wasn't even near the wtc when it happened. talk about fate. i remember my daughter stayed with my mother-in-law for the day. just like all of us, she too had the tv on all day, with those horrible scenes of the planes crashing and the towers' collapse playing over and over again like a bad dream. i remember my daughter not being able to comprehend what she was watching; not knowing if it was real or merely a tv show. i remember trying to explain to her what she was seeing and asking my mother-in-law to keep my little girl from watching it over and over again. i pray for all families that they have found peace or will discover peace. i remember. i will not forget.

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