December 13, 2007

:: cold weather = crochet madness ::

with today being the 8th day of cloudy wintry cold weather, and a smidgen of sun here and there, i have been in a crochet frenzy -- making new goodies for me, my kids, and my friends' kids. check it out:

created with lion wool-ease in a wonderfully bright citron. incredibly warm and my new favorite cowl -- is that what it's called? I also thought it would be cool to make the kids a nice warm cap. I tried to google a free pattern for a cap with a visor; but to no avail. I came across this wonderful pattern from Nutella Dreams Late Night Crafts on etsy. First of all, she was right; I created the following hats in an average time of 2 hours each. Her pattern was very easy to understand and follow, even when she explained increasing and decreasing stitches. (If someone told me to increase/decrease stitches in a project, I wouldn't exactly know what to do...) Here are the fruits of my labor for the last two days...
I'm working on my 5th one tonight. Thank you, Ele!


Troi said...

Wow...those are kewl beans. I want mittens...or a dong pouch. Either one really.

Jane O said...

On the latter suggestion -- your brother asked for something similar. Man, you are definitely related.

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