December 1, 2007

:: craft fair goodness ::

I'm a bit tired, but happy, to say the least. I've been working for the last week to get everything ready for my first craft fair showing at Truman Elementary School (Lindbergh School District). I knew there were other jewelry crafts there, so I tried to diversify the selection at my booth.

I started with the jewelry display. i made a jewel tree out of copper wire and hung most of my earring selections on it. Since the tree was very three-dimensional, I placed it on a lazy susan, which allowed the customers to freely turn the tree around to see its goodies. Thankfully, people were drawn to the tree and I received tons of compliments on it.

After all the insane preparation, I realized a actually started to develop a theme for the table -- "Fresh from the garden." Everything fell into place. I created more jewel trees, but smaller and lighter in weight, which looked like a little garden on the table. I hung some beaded stars to appear like little trees. I also busted a** to make more hair ties, and named them "Seedlings" which were primarily geared towards the younger set. They sold really well. I added 3 crocheted scarves into the mix which were rolled up to look like lettuce and placed in a gold basket. I had a few coffee sleeves which were put into a small serving tray with batik fabric; as well as the crochet stitch markers on a checkered remnant to appear like a tablecloth.

I'm particularly proud of the sign on the table. I didn't want to spend a huge bucks on a sign. Since the fair was indoors, I printed out letters in 3 different fonts, cut them in standard shapes, and pasted them to forest green cardstock. I then strung them on a huge wired ribbon and pinned them to the table. I was very pleased with the look of the sign; it looked a lot like a beaded necklace. Very cool.

It would have been nice to sell a little bit more; but I can't complain. I met a lot of nice people and put my name out there. I'm pleased with the whole experience.

My observations while sitting at my table for 3 hours: (1) Try to say "hi" to people in front of the table even if they are intentionally looking at your stuff while at a significant distance. (2) It is not enough to say "hi" -- try to strike up a small conversation to keep customers looking at your table.

(3) That I still have much to learn about being more persuasive to make a sale. (4) Almost everyone who had stopped at my table thought all my stuff was "SO CUTE!" (5) That maybe I should capitalize on the "Cuteness" of my goodies (6) That my pictures on etsy are truly not enough to demonstrate to people how labor intensive making my crafts are. (6) People at a craft fair are not extremely interested or don't really appreciate how much work or how very handmade everything is. Now what would I do differently? I know I MUST prepare at least a month in advance, not 1 week. I ran around the house for 2 days like a chicken with its head cut off knowing I had so many things to do; make gift boxes; make more hair ties, jewelry, displays, etc.

I think I'm actually ready to do another one. Bring it on.

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Troi said...

good job...very proud of you. you may also invest in a haole salesperson considering where you're located.

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