December 28, 2007

:: first winter concert ::

my son had his first winter concert at school last week. it was truly a 'winter' concert as we had at least a foot of snow a couple of days earlier and it was still thick and smooshy by the evening of the concert. the winter concert featured the kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade classes. the gym was packed to the walls with parents, siblings, and grandparents all waiting to see the children perform. by the time we got there, it was standing room only, but we managed to sit on the floor beside the stage (behind a big-boned woman sitting on a chair -- i still don't know why she was the only one amongst all the other parents beside the stage who was sitting on a chair?!). i didn't have the greatest view of Noha, but I managed to find him in the chorus. i figured i was not going to stress out over our seating arrangements and decided to try to get at least one class performance on video and then enjoy the rest of the show. it worked out okay. it could have been better, but at least i saw Noha close up.

hee hee! look at him with his cute tie!
i was encouraged to hear from the school principal after the performance that the entire show would be posted on the school website. however, it's been more than a week now and i have not seen any postings yet. i'm still waiting patiently. until then, this is the one performance i got on video. so cute!


Troi said...

That video is cool...go number 7! He's the handsomest out of the bunch. Yay token!

Troi said...

That's a handsome boy...go number 7...awesome video. Go Token!

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