December 23, 2007

:: praises for a cool shop in STL ::

i just discovered the most glorious yarn shop in town! After some crazy Christmas shopping at an outlet mall in Hazelwood, I hustled my kids across the city to a small yarn shop I read about in the local magazines called "Knitorious." Located on 3268 Watson Road just as you enter St. Louis City from the west, the storefront is actually amongst small neighborhood homes. Their staff was so helpful (and sympathetic too -- I was carrying my youngest, who was passed out and they offered one of the couches in their lounge so she sleep while I could walked around. Not only that, my older two kept occupied beside her playing with a box of toys and coloring with crayons). absolutely wonderful! They had the most luxurious and beautiful yarns I have ever seen in such luscious colors! I finally saw Debbie Bliss yarns and bought a couple; and saw yarns made of alpaca and wool, and some of the softest cotton yarns ever. Sorry if I sound like a yarn virgin, but I'm only used to seeing Lion Brand, Bernat, and the other typical yarns you'd find at Michael's and Joann's. I am definitely going back on Friday when they reopen over the holidays to pick up 1824 yarns... :)

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Troi said...

I'm glad you got your yarn cherry popped...now go make me my crocheted crotch cup from "luxurious and beautiful yarns"...much love

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