February 19, 2008

:: feeling lazy but really haven't been ::

I've been feeling so lazy to post on my blog for the last couple of weeks. I've been dealing with the flu, family matters, and a garage sale. This year's flu has afflicted all of my kids and my husband, with the virus ending in some form of ear infection with antibiotic treatment -- sulfameth for Rory; azithromycin for Anna; amoxicillin for Noha; and erythromycin for Daddy). It's a Mom's job to keep track, eh? Thank God it hasn't afflicted me yet. Knock on wood! Isn't that crazy? It was a bit embarrassing to have brought one child to the doctor a week. Hubby had to travel through lots of traffic to get to his MD only this morning; braving a wreck on the Poplar Street bridge (a semi carrying grain overturned on the bridge and blocked all eastbound traffic all morning). I waited last minute to prepare for a garage sale at the Riverchase Community Center in the city. I tried to gather as much crap, ahem... stuff I could get rid of. I decided against selling kids' clothes, just because I figured other people would be doing the same thing. I ended up trying to sell scrapbooking paper (a banker's box worth) at 5 - 10 cents a pop. And they're nice paper, too! Talking about embossed vellum, printed scrapbook paper, handmade paper, and textured paper. What a steal. Unfortunately, the browsers at the garage sale were not really crafters, just people looking for a bargain. Of course. I should have expected that. At least I met two fellow jewelry artisans and a fellow Filipina! Yay! I am not alone. I've been busy crocheting hats (I think I've made a total of 8 in 2 weeks time). My foyer overfloweth with hats. Ha ha! I'll take some pictures soon. I've also made some jewelry pieces, recently posted on etsy. Clusterphobia (in Labradorite) Droplet Clusterphobia (in Quartz Crystal) Ginger Mahina

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Troi said...

Hope you all get better...and as for Kuya...he needs more meds...LOL.

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