March 1, 2008

Manoa, in the Rain

My hubby feels extremely nostalgic about Hawaii every weekend, being so far from family and friends. So, one day after searching through the web, he found this song from Hapa. He called me excitedly from upstairs to listen to it. When I heard it, tears came to my eyes. It was the perfect song to describe the one absolutely beautiful place in my heart. We met at UH-Manoa. We married on a mountain overlooking Manoa Valley; celebrated our wedding in Manoa Valley. We used to drink coffee in the mornings on a street bridge overlooking Manoa Stream. Our firstborn went to Manoa Elementary School as an out-of-district exception. It is still a dream (in the back of my mind, now) to own a house in Manoa. Okay, so I'm getting nostalgic now. But this song brings back so many good memories. If only we could afford to live there. Take a trip down memory lane with me. (The player is located below-- double-click on the arrow above to start the song).


Kathi said...

I spent many wonderful days with a wonderful person in Manoa valley. Your post made me nostalgic! I still drive through Manoa just to look at the homes. I have a wish to have a home there one day, too...

Troi said...

Oh heck yeah...Manoa is one of my special places as well. I love the drive and I do wish to have a home there too...Hmmmn...maybe we can all put in together and I can be the drunk uncle in your basement/garage.

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