May 21, 2008

:: and I predict ::

...the winner for american idol this year is David Archuleta. I personally like David Cook; he has a lot more character in his voice and I like the type of songs he has chosen in past episodes. But last night's competition needed the "wow" factor, and I didn't feel like I got "wowed" last night. DC needed his voice to shine through and the choice of songs last night didn't really allow his voice to shine. I felt he was hiding behind the guitar. DA did a better job vocally. If you think I'm just blowing hot air; consider watching the episode again (on youtube or your video site of choice) with your eyes closed and just listen to the delivery of the song. You'll know what I'm talking about. with that being said, they're all winners to get to that point anyway. my humble congratulations for a great season. so that's my 2 cents for what it's worth.

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Troi said...

I didn't get into this season. I've been idoled out. It kinda bothered me how they touted archuleta as the little god-prince upon which we are blessed to be in his singing presence.

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