May 19, 2008

:: i'm here! really! ::

hi y'all! I'm still alive. I've been busy with being a momma and found that my temper has been shorter than normal. * sigh * I need to start crafting regularly just to keep sane. my last post seems to be in March; but as I checked the "Edit Posts" section, I've actually written once a month; I just haven't published any of them.

I've finally taken on knitting. Over the spring break, I dragged my eldest to Knitty Couture in the Delmar Loop for a one-on-one learn to knit session with Thy (pronounced 'T'). [As a side note, Delmar Loop has become my family's closest Asian niche in the STL -- Thai & Chinese food galore, as well as yummy boba. :) ]
We felt so comfortable in her shop and she has a fabulous selection of yarns and books. Thy is absolutely patient and wonderful to work with. We spent about 2 hours with her and learned how to knit and purl using the 'throwing' method. Anna learned so quickly (of course) and was well on her way to making a little blanket for Charms, her amigurumi bunny. Thy briefly showed me the continental method, which seemed like a more efficient way to knit than throwing, and perfect for me since I already know how to crochet. We had a terrific time and I hope the experience leaves a lasting impression on my girl.
I have just been practicing the basic stitches, really. It's very therapeutic, but it takes f o r e v e r for me to complete a project. It's frustrating not to achieve quick self-gratification. ha ha. I know practice builds consistency and speed and I'm constantly trying to challenge myself. Sometimes, however, I think too much about the method that I sometimes forget how to purl. Analysis paralysis. I made two hats for Anna, which came out alright, but they took about a week each to complete.
Apparently, I was 'knitting in reverse' or 'knitting in the back loop', so if you take a close look at the stitches above, each individual stitch is twisted. The garter stitch that divides the green and white yarns was a mistake. hee hee.

Here's my second attempt at the same hat design. Now, the stitches are not twisted. Again, a week to complete.

After making these hats, I had some extras and decided that I needed quick gratification. So I picked up my hook and whipped these up.

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Troi said...

Yay! She's back! More bloggity goodness. Love the beanies. I want a white one!

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