July 7, 2008

Trip to Hawaii - Day 3

July 6 Sunday AM. Another 4 hours of rest. I think my body has adjusted to the time change. (That's wishful thinking.) Grandpa has constantly been getting up from his bed to use the bathroom. Nothing's coming out. They think the cancer has spread to his urinary tract now. The hospice has a 24-hour on call nurse to help them. Thank God. If this continues, they'll be calling the nurse soon. Mom said she didn't need any help today. I had to ask. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Okay, so I'm also using this trip to have a little "me" time. I am so totally taking advantage of the fact that I don't have my kids with me. I signed up for a ring-making class at Bead It! in Kaimuki, called "This Ring Thing" taught by Katharine Rita. I'm excited. I'm going to practice my soldering skills and create some rockin' rings at the end of class. It's from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm today. Sunday PM

I got to Kaimuki at 10:30am. I noticed more graffiti on the freeway. Kind of sad, really. Anyway, I parked the car behind Bead It! where all the meters were. I couldn't remember if I had to pay because today is Sunday, so I didn't put any coins on the meter. Oops. Another thing about Hawaii. You have to pay and arm and a leg for parking everywhere you go.

I walked to Bead It! and it was still closed. Perfect! Time for some coffee from Coffee Talk. While I was going to UH, my sister and I frequented Coffee Talk practically every weekend, if not at Lion Coffee. What were the chances of it still open?

Intersection at Koko Head and Waialae Avenues facing makai. Lazy Sunday. :)

It was still there. Yay!

My coffee monster sleeve enjoying an ice cold Thai Latte. Love it!

Coffee Talk has been around since the time I was attending UH. Not to date myself, but that's over 12 years now.

I cruised to Bead It! and the class was awesome! Katharine Rita is a terrific teacher! There were only 4 of us in the class and all of our stations were nicely prepared for us to start creating! We practiced soldering and stamping. I ended up using all of my supplies and made 6 sterling silver rings. Pictures to follow later.

I was done by 2:00pm and I ended up picking up my bro-in-law Dano from Aiea. We drove back into town and visited Don Quijote (previously Daiei) and the Inspiration Honolulu Design Center (a huge furniture store with a Las Vegas-like stage, wine bar, and coffee bar) -- places I hadn't been to in a long time or hadn't seen yet.

Afterwards, I went back to the house and spent some time with Grandpa and the family. He's still in pain. And sleeping a lot.

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