July 8, 2008

Trip to Hawaii - Day 4

July 7 Okay. I'm guilty. I've been acting like a tourist for the last couple of days in my old hometown. Today is my last day of being a tourist, I promise. This morning, Mom and I went to the post office and picked up some spaghetti from Zippy's for Grandma and Grandpa, and wonderful manapua and dim sum from Chun Wah Kam in Pearl City. I asked my Mom if she wanted to come with me today, but she said Grandma's nurse would be coming by the house, so she wanted to be there. I told her I felt a little guilty gallivanting around town, but she understood. I picked up Dano from home and we headed over to Schwartz, Inc., a jewelry supply store downtown. Again, no free parking in Honolulu. I was lucky to find metered street parking on Bethel Street right in front of Schwartz. Score! I put 2 hours on the meter and off we went. You know, I had been making jewelry for over 7 years now and how come I never found out about Schwartz? I was in jewelry tool heaven. I couldn't believe it. This store came well recommended by the folks at Bead It! and The Bead Gallery to find all the jewelry tools in town. Afterwards, Dano and I decided to cruise around downtown on foot. We walked all the way to Restaurant Row stopping by Wholesale Unlimited (a crack seed and arare store) and purchasing $50 worth of snacks and then eating at one of my favorite okazu-ya places near my old office, New Wave Cafe. I had my garlic chicken, namasu, seafood delight, and salmon onigiri. I miss this food. Dano and I sat at an outdoor table at Restaurant Row and talked over lunch. Just like old times for me.

The view below the First Hawaiian Bank building down the street from Wholesale Unlimited. It was about 1:00pm, when I saw my friend Avis come out of the office. I walked up to her and said, "Excuse me, miss, but do you have the time?" She let out an "Oh my God, Jane!" and we squealed out loud. We sat and talked story for a short while before she had to get lunch. She's one of the people I miss talking to. We had quite a way to walk back so he headed back to the car parked all the way at Bethel. We were waaaaaayyy past our 2 hours and no ticket. Dano, trying to grin and bear it. I made him walk really far in the humidity. Thanks, Dano.

I forgot to mention it was STILL dang humid and hot.

It was evening time and I had brought Dano and Nicky home when I realized I left my phone in the car. I immediately called my mom and asked if everything was okay. She needed me to get to Kalihi right away. They had called the hospice nurse and he was there trying to put a catheter in Grandpa. Remember the inability to go to the bathroom yesterday?

I rushed back to Kalihi and found Grandma sitting all alone in the living room. Uncle Ted, Auntie Norma, and Mom were helping the nurse with Grandpa in the bedroom. I sat and talked to her and listened to her vent about what was happening with Grandpa. I think we all know the inevitable.

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