July 9, 2008

Trip to Hawaii - Day 5

July 8 It was a late night last night. The nurse was unable to put the catheter. They think the cancer has blocked off the urethra. Not good. It was painful for Grandpa and they ended up giving him liquid morphine for the pain. He has been sleeping constantly throughout the day more than likely from the morphine. Jed and his family arrived from Northern California today. He went straight to Grandpa to tell him he was there. Grandpa was unresponsive. I could tell from Jed's face he was sad Grandpa didn't acknowledge him. I told Jed it's a good thing he made it to see Grandpa. He'll wake up and have a chance to talk to him. Mom ran out of hydrocodone (pill form) for Grandpa and I offered to pick up his prescription at Longs Pali. I brought Jed downtown so he could pick up a car from Autumn's cousin and afterwards I headed over to Longs. Apparently, there was a hold up with Grandpa's doctor and I waited for 2 hours for those stinking pills. I passed the time shopping at Longs picking up more Hawaiian goodies like Lion Coffee, shave ice syrup, and mochi. I don't think I have any space in my luggage for all these things I bought. I think USPS will come to the rescue before I go home. After getting back to Kalihi, Jay invited us to tour his new home in the Valley. What a great location! A rain forest borders his home. I just hope he doesn't see little green men any time soon (inside joke).

Jed and Jaxon.

Jay looks out at the Iglesia ni Cristo.

The whole family is at the house again. Wow. I miss having these huge family gatherings. I really mean HUGE. There are at least 30 people at the house. The children are playing in the street while the adults and the really little ones are hanging out upstairs. It's noisy, but it is welcoming and familiar. I'm sure it is comforting for Grandpa to hear the family outside. I know he can hear us.

Late in the evening when everyone was going home, Jessie, Shirley, and I sat around Grandpa to talk to him. I know he heard us even though he was physically unresponsive. Jessie told Grandpa it was okay if he felt it was time to go and that the whole family would understand. I told Jessie that Grandpa was probably worried about Grandma, and he reassured Grandpa that Grandma would be taken care of and it would be okay to let go. At that point, Grandpa reached up to grab Jessie's hand as if to acknowledge what Jess said.

It's almost time.

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