July 10, 2008

Trip to Hawaii - Day 6

July 9

I spent the day in Kalihi today helping out and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa.

Mom and Auntie Norma have been giving Grandpa water from a spoon. He is unable to swallow solids now. That hydrocodone I picked up at Longs is now useless. He can't swallow it. They've decided to stick to the morphine, which renders Grandpa listless and unresponsive. His mouth gapes open and he labors to swallow, let alone close it. Mom has tried to give him soft-boiled egg, one of his favorite foods, but remnants of it stayed on his tongue. He cringes in pain and says, "Ay, Apo" as he attempts to shift his body weight now and then.

Late in the afternoon, I was by Grandpa's side and while I touched his forehead, I discovered he had a fever, probably dehydrated from the inability to swallow. They called the hospice nurse who came later.


I had dinner with my hubby's family tonight. I finally had a chance to talk to Troi, who had been traveling the world during the summer. We picked up some plate lunches from Gina's (yay!) and ate at Ala Moana Park on some park benches. Fun. I had fried man doo, taegu, pickled daikon, and macaroni salad. Yum. My food cravings are now satiated.

Afterwards, we drove down University Avenue to see where Varsity Theater used to be. Took a picture for hubby, who couldn't believe it was gone. We ended up on Kapahulu Avenue to eat halo halo at Dave's Ice Cream. Perfect way to end an awesome dinner. Thanks, Dad, Troi and Dano!

They brought me back to the house where I discovered Grandpa was up and around. Surprise! I was told that Vangie, Jay's ex-wife had come to visit Grandpa and he was alert and tried to hug her. It was a surprise to everyone considering his condition earlier. I just missed Vangie, but I caught some photos of Jay, Jessie, Anna, and Shirley trying to get Grandpa to the living room.

This was the first time since Sunday he actually came out of the room. Everyone was happy to see him about. Anna said, "Grandpa, look! Different scenery!"

But this was short-lived. He could only sit upright very briefly because of the pain and we brought him back into the room.

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