August 8, 2008

Grandpa's Funeral - Day 1

August 7 Back in Hawaii! I had a long flight. Left STL at 2:30pm. At least when I got to Phoenix I didn't have to walk so dang far to get on my connecting flight. It was just the next gate over. Yay! I arrived in Hawaii in the evening about the same time Jed arrived. It's a good thing, too! Jun and Jed swung by to get me and off to Kalihi we went. Dad has already been here since August 2. Cathy is arriving tomorrow morning. Everyone is coming for the funeral. This will be an interesting family reunion. I finished the funeral program for Grandpa a couple of weeks ago and just finished the slideshow for the service. I know I will not be able to sing, so it's a good thing I recorded those two songs last month. I used them for the slideshow. We'll be having a family meeting soon. I have a feeling I will be coordinating the service on Friday night.

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