October 13, 2008

crafting 365, days 14 - 30 ... really?!

Wow! That's 16 days worth of crafting! Check out these (and more) photos of the above projects in higher resolution and in more detail, click on over to my flickr. Here's the list from left to right with more details. Day 14: One knitted fingerless glove with smooth Malabrigo yarn. Pattern discovered at Knitting at Knoon Designs. Day 15: Finished the other pair! Day 16: Pair of swarovski earrings and the packaging for Anna's friend. Day 17: Knitted cupcake to keep the ice cream cone company. I was inspired to knit this after seeing one at Knitty Couture last week. Yes, it's a little fuzzy on top, and I probably wouldn't want to eat a fuzzy cupcake for real, but it's so cool for Rory's kitchen. I stuffed it with a recycled applesauce cup, a stone (to weigh it down, and 2 smooshed- up plastic bags.) I also learned I don't like knitting with that fuzzy-wuzzy yarn. Pattern discovered at Blah, Blah, Blahhhg Day 18: Another knitted cupcake with shiny pink acrylic yarn and tan acrylic yarn. Day 19: Doughnuts, anyone? Okay, so I'm on a knitted food kick. Just adding to my baby's kitchen. She's already got cupcakes; why not doughnuts? Stuffed it with plastic bags too. Pattern discovered at Doortje's Blog. Day 20: Little sweater ornament. I got the pattern from the new Debbie Bliss magazine, but it was originally purposed as an egg cozy. I didn't follow the recommended yarn or the gauge and it came out large enough to fit over a baby food jar. Good ornament, eh? Days 21-22: I saw the Munny toy at our local comic book shop and I thought it was cool. I did a little research and found there were no patterns for it online. So I put this one together. Day 23: "Excuse me, sir, have you seen a pack of Trojans?" "Darn, I just ran out." (You'll get it if you saw Mel Brooks's History of the World.) Pattern discovered in Creepy Cute Crochet. Day 24: Fingerless glove in wonderfully soft and beautifully self-striping Rowan Tapestry yarn. This is for Mom. Day 25: Over-easy egg. Full of fiber. Breakfast of champions. Another addition to Rory's kitchen. Pattern discovered at Ana Paula's Amigurumi Patterns & Random Cuteness. Day 26: Just one toddler mitten. I figured since Rory is into this "Princess" phase, I could get her to wear mittens this winter if I had her choose her own yarn and make mittens out of them. I dubbed these the "Princess mittens." This pattern was discovered on Knitting at Knoon. The toddler size in this pattern was too small for Rory, so I will be making the "Preschool" size. Day 27: Cherries, anyone? I learned how to finally make the I-cord correctly for this one. Small, yet soooo gratifying. Patterns discovered on I Like Lemons Blog and Geckogrrl's blog. Day 28: Finished the pair started on Day 24. Day 29: Woo hoo! I figured out how to make this today. No tutorial -- just some creative wirework. I made 5 just to make sure I made them right. Yup. I said five. And just to make sure I could recreate them, I wrote down everything -- measurements, methods, etc. Day 30: Knitted legwarmers for Mom. She complained she couldn't find any in the stores in Vegas. Hubby asked me why I'm trying to make my mom into a Filipino leprechaun. Hey, she said to use the scrap yarn I had! The pattern was pretty simple, just a k3 p2 combination in a round. Very easy.

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