November 1, 2008

Hallow's Eve

I was stumped yesterday morning. I could not figure out what my youngest's halloween costume would be. At 9:00am, it struck me. She loves being an "Ice Cream Princess" right? Well.... I whipped up this costume (including the crocheted hat with i-cord stem) in a total of 3 hours. I dug into my fabric stash (yes, I have a fabric stash too) and tried to find all of the materials that could not unravel at the edges. So I didn't have to sew any hems, of course! I sewed up a sleeveless tunic with gray polar fleece. With faux suede, I made the cone, with its pseudo-embroidered criss-cross design, and sewed it to the tunic. Silly me, I did not look at any pictures of any ice cream cones, so I would have gotten the criss-cross in the right direction. Oh well. The ice cream scoop is made of white felt and I freehanded the shape. It was made to be pulled over the head and sit over her shoulders like a capelet. I hot-glued pompoms to look like sprinkles (back and front). And finally, crocheted the cherry hat and the stem is a knitted i-cord. It's official. I am 100% domesticated. Here she is, modeling it before going trick-or-treating. Some fun shots of our street in the evening. Here's Noha and his "Arc Trooper" costume before heading out for some candy hunting. Waiting for the kids on the porch. Trying to scare the passers-by. I was giving out fingers, toes, and ears.

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