November 30, 2008

I am thankful for my family...and Martha Stewart's recipes

Thanksgiving day started out with me cooking from 8:00am and completing at 5:00pm. Crazy! I followed several recipes from Martha Stewart (stop rolling your eyes, you) for the turkey, cranberry sauce, and roasted garlic (s)mashed potatoes. And you know what?
I hate to say it, but they all came out PERFECT.
Normally, I hate eating turkey because as far as I can remember turkey tasted very dry. I also realize I have NEVER baked turkey before. I mean, c'mon, we're Filipino. I don't remember my mom ever preparing turkey for Thanksgiving. Our version of the turkey is the chicken. I know we've been cooking beef roast for the last several years. I recall one year the hubby marinated a turkey in a fish sauce (patis) brine, which turned out pretty fishy smelling after it was all done. I like patis, but fishy-smelling turkey? Unexpected, to say the least.
I brined the turkey 24 hours before, with a recipe containing lots of salt, sugar, onions, peppercorn, carrots, and celery. My daughter and I stuck the turkey in a trash bag, and poured the brine all over it. We left it in the fridge to marinate. On Thanksgiving morn, I prepped the stuffing (cornbread, with macadamia nuts, little smokies, and special broth from my lumpia filling a few days before), made the smashed potatoes (red thin-skinned potatoes, roasted garlic), and green beans. My eldest made steamed broccoli with creamy cheese sauce and my son made pumpkin pie (because he kept bugging me to buy pumpkin pie -- I figured it was good for him to learn how to make it).
I started cooking the turkey at 12:00noon and finished at about 4:00pm or so. Throughout the first half of the roasting process, I basted it in its juices and then glazed it with a spicy mustard and brown sugar glaze in the last hour of roasting.
Here's how it looked before dinner:
While I was cooking the turkey, the kids pretty much hung out all day watching TV and playing around. My youngest, who is independent in her own right, decided to go into the Halloween stash of candy and chew some gum. To our dismay, she surprised us:
It's a good thing hubby managed to take it out without cutting her hair. We shook our heads a lot and tried very hard to keep from laughing. Poor baby. This year, we decided it was time for the two eldest to learn about dining etiquette in a formal setting. You know, with the formal place settings, the three forks and spoons, etc. That was a two-hour session with Dad. I wish I took pictures of that, but I'm sure the kids will remember that experience. Heh heh... Our dinner was formal this year, with us dressing up and sitting down together. Good job, kiddos!
Overall, the dinner was good. The turkey was moist and tasty with every bite, the food was all yummy, the company was fun, and we managed to get our family Christmas photos done. Yay!
Tell you what, the turkey was approximately 14 pounds. Today is Sunday, and it's all gone. How's that for tasty?

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Troi said...

mmmmmn...yummy. I want pics of the formal wear! Yeah, 2 hour lesson huh? Sounds fun and very much like Kuya Rico.

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