December 17, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside!

OMG, it's cold! Brrrrrrrrrr! We got our first real snow today. The first precipitation we had remotely close to snow was the freezing rain and sleet the evening prior. The kids had a snow day on Monday, but there was no precip at all during the daylight hours (but the temperature was in the 10-12 degree range with a wind chill of below zero). Yipes! I think the biggest concern was the ice on the roads. Today rolled around and it was snowing; albeit only about an inch on our side of town. The northern side of STL and Illinois got the brunt of the storm and snow. I woke up this morning half expecting to see the kids' school closed. Nope. Their school district was open for business. The snow was coming down. By the time the kids were ready for the bus, we had a fresh layer of clean white snow on the driveway. Hubby wouldn't have it. He said the roads were worse this morning than yesterday's icy streets. We decided to keep the kids home, for safety's sake. I made sure their day was not one without schoolwork, that's for sure. My poor babies, cooped up inside all day. My girls took the chance to go outside before the sun set. Of course, I used some of my time to complete a baby hat for our good friends. I love the puffy pompom at the top of the hat.

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