December 12, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday, Son!

Our family tradition. I bake cupcakes for the lucky birthday baby in the early morning and we do a preliminary celebratory singing of "Happy Birthday", with bad breath, morning glory, bedhead and all. I love it. I hope my kids remember these times when they're old. If you by any chance read last year's post at about this time, I ran out of candles and got creative with the votives. This year, I snuck out to Wal-Mart the night before and was better prepared. I even managed to pick up some ready-made cupcakes for Noha to bring to school and share with his classmates. **pat on the back** I discovered a ziploc bag filled Noha's storm troopers stashed away in the TV cabinet, so I decided they would make a special appearance with the cupcakes. They were very well received. Anna asked me the night before if I could wake her up early to help decorate the cupcakes. So, I did. Surprisingly, she got up (and quickly too), as this is not her normal behavior at this ungodly hour. What a trooper. Thanks, babe.

The birthday boy enjoying his cake and realizing the letters were candy. Cool.

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