December 8, 2008

truman extravaganza

So I only do one show a year -- the "Holiday Extravaganza" at Truman Elementary School. This is the holiday show put together by the PTG of Truman Elementary. I registered for it in October, and have been mentally preparing for it since November, including doing projects almost every day to add to my existing inventory.
Why is it that I was up until 3:00am the morning of the event working on all my stuff?! I dug deep down and came to the conclusion that I am a proscratinator and pretty sadistic. *sigh*
The coordinators allowed us to go in Friday night to choose our spots and set up. My daughter and I went in to see where they placed us (same place as last year); and we put up the tablecloth, the banner, and the huge jeweltree. I prepared a list of what I needed to do and I swear, I put it in my purse before we left the house. Did I find it? No. It's a good thing I remembered to get change and apples at the nearest supermarket. Tens, fives, ones, and quarters; and red delicious, gala, and granny smith.
We finally got home at 8:00pm. I got to organizing my inventory. Crochet coffee sleeves, apple cozies (for teachers, of course!), and a few scarves, were put in a plastic bin. I had some crochet lei from a while back that I thought was appropriate for the school, since their character education theme for the year is "Surf's Up for Character." I put those in another plastic bin. I got to working on some new jewelry, and I ended up making three new necklaces and about 10 new pairs of earrings. Yeow! I cut my business cards and labels (handmade, of course) and finished up sewing buttons on apple cozies.
In retrospect, that was definitely a lot of work to do in one night. I was so high on coffee that by 3:00am, I was up watching "Reality Bites" on Showtime, and realized the movie sucked. I hated Ethan Hawkes's character. My hubby came down and ushered me to bed. I made myself wake up three hours later.
It was freezing cold and the wind chill made the temperature feel as if it was 15 degrees outside. It's a good thing I packed everything neatly before going to bed. I was out to the car and off to the school. When my daughter and I got to Truman, it was only then I realized I had forgotten my jacket. I was only wearing a thermal shirt and a fleece sleeveless vest (and jeans, of course). I was running around so much I was probably feeling too warm to wear a jacket. Oh well. It's a good thing the event is indoors.
Setting up was easy. I tasked my daughter to set up the Hawaiian lei on the side of the booth (I didn't get to take a picture of it.). I divided the table in two sections: the right side had all the crochet and knitted items.

The left side displayed the jewelry.

Then we were off and running.

The event was from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 pm. Only 3-1/2 hours. I sold a few things and got my name out there. That's pretty good for the short time we were there. Hmmmmm...3 months of prep for 3-1/2 hours of sale time.

I've gotta plan my time better.

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