January 31, 2009

another birthday, a new year to be absolutely fabulous

Today I celebrate my 13th year of being 21. The morning started with this beautiful cheesecake created by Anna and hubby and an off-key rendition of "Happy Birthday" by everyone. I love it. My baby is so artistic -- look at the design of the word "Mom." :) We celebrated with a yummy lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory at Laclede's Landing. I wanted to have lunch where the kids would enjoy themselves without feeling formal and stuffy. Old Spaghetti Factory. Perfect. We thought it was a good idea to at least walk off what we ate, so we ended up spending the sunny (and relatively warm) weather at the park. Unfortunately, the kids play area was still covered in snow; and despite our warnings, they played on the jungle gym anyway.

Even the ducks joined us...

I thank the Man upstairs for all His blessings. Overall, it was a good day. What more can I say?

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