February 28, 2009

and life goes on

I've been so busy the last three weeks holding the fort down -- I hadn't had any time to update the shop with some new goodies. *sigh* I have been crafting though. I MUST CREATE. Mwahahaha! I volunteered to make a few newborn baby hats for a friend of mine whom I reconnected with on Facebook. (I've recently become a FB junkie -- but more on that later.) The baby hats turned out so cute! Of course, I had to take photos of them so she could get an idea of how they turned out, but I couldn't find the right model. All of my kids' heads are too big now. My daughter suggested my knitted Munny doll and it was perfect. Here he is in doing a model pose: The earflap hat was made with Naturally Caron Country yarn. It was very smooth to work with. Definitely a must-buy again yarn. I had a lot of yarn left over, so I tried to make a smaller one, which looked much better. I made tassels for the earflaps and attached them to i-cords. I would love to claim these hat patterns as my original designs, but they are not. Maybe someday, but not today. This earflap hat pattern was discovered on HeyJulie's blog. The stocking cap was particularly fun to make, but carrying the yarn up instead of cutting it on the color change, was a pain. But it's probably more of a pain to weave all the loose ends in at the end of the project. So, I'll stop complaining. I used Sinfonia mercerized cotton yarn, which is comparable to Patons Grace. I was not happy with the cord that attached the tassel, so I tripled the yarn, braided it, and attached the tassel. It was much nicer. This pattern was discovered at Kaitlyn Wong aka The Sassy Stitchess's blog. This pixie hat was sooooo cute!! I love the light pink and taupe combination. Patons Grace was the yarn I chose for this one. This pattern was discovered on Wayward Knitting's blog. This hat was made with Lamb's Pride 100% wool. I love how wool looks so poufy when you make it into a pompom. The pattern was discovered on Material Whirled's site.

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