May 21, 2009

Meet Maddox

I've been on a doll-making kick for the last month now. In my daily perusal of Etsy, I chanced upon Maddox, a cute little monster created by Rebecca Danger of Dangercrafts. Before my impulses got the better of me, I checked out fellow ravelers on Ravelry for reviews of the pattern. Everyone who tried it out were very positive about the pattern and the creations were just so gosh darn cute, I went back to Dangercrafts and bought the pattern. I love it! He is so easy to make, how can he not have a family of his own? Maddox ready for a bath. Speaking of the doll-making kick, here is Ann, a gift for one of the cutest 2 year olds I know, Ru-ru. She originally had a round head, but I felt she looked incomplete. I whipped up some i-cords and attached them as Princess Leia buns. Now THAT completed the look. I felt so triumphant about making her. When I proudly gave Ann to Ru-ru, she smiled, looked and me and said, "No nose!" Yeah, Ann has no nose. It's for the better, really, I couldn't embroider the nose to look right. The mouth was hard enough. Oh well. I'm happy Ru-ru loves her little Ann even if Ann can't smell. Finally here is Bunny-bunny, made from a pattern from Debbie Bliss's magazine. I was confused at first as to why the pattern only called for straight knitting needles. It is because I have to seam everything shut! Yuck. I prefer to try to everything in one piece as much as possible. Well, I sucked it up and did the best I could and here is Bunny-bunny. The pattern was easy to follow and if seaming everything is your cup of tea, then you'll enjoy this pattern.

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