May 21, 2009

Playing with macro settings

I'm so happy it's warm now. It's the time my fam can spend more time outdoors being active. I've been noticing all the flowers and things in bloom and how darn fast the grass grows here in Missouri. With last week's storm pattern, we had so much rain the grass grew a minimum of 3 - 4 inches in 7 days time. Insane! At about this time last year my mom-in-law planted green onions in a little garden patch right behind our house. The green onions managed to survive the winter and have grown at least 2 feet tall now. I have never paid attention to the growth of green onions before, but yesterday I noticed a bloom on top of one of the leaves. It was definitely a worthy candidate for a photo. I also discovered this nest on the ground. It has been abandoned for a few months now. The birds built the nest on the gutter, lodged up beneath the roof overhang and the electrical line. Not a safe place to be. After the last windstorm we had it fell down; intact, and to our surprise, with a little blue egg in it. Awww, poor little birdie. Does anyone know what kind of bird lays this type of egg?

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