August 25, 2009


Ha ha! Wouldn't you know it? I got excited with creating new jewelry, and then whoosh! We were off on our summer road trip. After a two-month long hiatus on the east coast, we drove back to St. Louis, exhausted and fresh out of inspiration to create. Sad. Thirteen and a half hours of driving with 3 kids. Four times. Thankfully, there was a lot of down time in between, so it didn't seem so bad each time. In fact, it went better than expected. I gave my eldest the coveted title of "Navigator", where she sat in the front passenger seat and directed me where to go. It was a straight shot out of St. Louis, into Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Then, we went zig-zagging through West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. I swear, for several hours, we didn't even know what state we were in. After each long drive, my butt was tired of sitting. Boy, you really appreciate the helpfulness of cruise control when you don't have it. Here's a few memorable pics from June:

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