October 9, 2009

idle no more

I've been working hard over the past few weeks. Here are the fruits or my labor, all currently up on manoaroad on Etsy. I discovered this wonderfully soft soy wool that variegates in awesome tones of pink, mauve, tan, and green. I never would have guessed the shades would wonderfully blend as they did upon first glance of the skeins. Each Coffee-a-Go-Go sleeve is wonderfully unique and cannot be duplicated exactly.

These next few coffee sleeves were crocheted from variegated acrylic and wool blended yarn. Out of the entire skein, the first following picture was the ONLY sleeve that turned out with this color scheme.
The next group of coffee sleeves I created had a color scheme similar to this one, but not exactly.
I have taken a liking to making my sleeves with the variegated yarn. I never know exactly what I'll come up with. It's kinda fun!

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