October 22, 2009

Crafty Cool Saturday

After a whole week of continuous rain, it was glorious to see the sun peering through the windows. I took that opportunity to drag my kids outside and enjoy the perfectly cloudless sunny day Saturday had to offer.
First stop, Paste, a recently opened craft supply shop located on the main street in old town Soulard in St. Louis City. Tucked away in an area of red brick art shops and small bars and restaurants, Paste is a little haven of craftiness. Today, they were sponsoring a 24-hour event called, "Needles for Newborns", where you could spend a few hours knitting or crocheting newborn hats and blankets for donation to the St. Louis Children's Hospital. My little girl and I dropped by and donated 2 little baby hats for the charity -- I didn't think my kids could sit still in the shop for 2 hours. Aside from doing a little good, it was an excuse to check out the store and see the cool craft supplies Paste has to offer. We picked up some adhesive, a pair of Size 15 bamboo knitting needles, and some colorful wool roving (for an exciting new project -- more on that later).
Next, onto Tower Grove Park, where the Tower Grove Farmer's Market was in full swing. Of course, the kiddos were eyeing the huge playground, but my sights were on walking through the market. Aside from the fresh fruits, veggies, and meats, there was a nice-sized showing of vendors from Etsy, like Villa Design, Haley's Handmades, and Candy Calamity. Very cool. It's nice to see the people behind the shops.
After a jaunt through the market, it was onto the playground.
The kids took an hour or so to let out all the pent-up energy from sitting in the car and it was off to Knitorious to pick up some more wool yarn. I discovered that Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride wool is perfect for felting -- and comes in some rockin' vibrant colors. So, we picked up a few.
In exchange for going to the knitting store -- because my kids get really excited kids when they come with me (sarcastic) -- we headed for famous Ted Drewes' frozen custard and gobbled it up in the sun (59 degrees outside). Don't laugh; there were almost 50 people in the parking lot doing the same thing as us!
I couldn't decide if I wanted to hit Borders or just go straight home when we ended up driving through Crestwood. Lo and behold, I remembered Crestwood Mall is home to Artspace, a unique hub for the St. Louis arts and crafting community. We ended up cruising through the mall, talking story at Show Me Handmade, a brick and mortar of the Show Me Etsy street team; getting information on classes at the satellite office of the Laumeier Sculpture Park; and chatting it up with Christine Dee of Deesigns Jewelry -- a newfound bead and tool shop for me! :) Christine does absolutely beautiful jewelry work and metalsmithing. And, by the way, she was extraordinarily patient when it came to my kids; especially the youngest who messily devoured a chocolate cookie and came to us for wiping while we were talking. Ewwwww. She gave my daughter her last paper towel. Ha ha! Thank you, Christine!
Productive Saturday. Happiness abound.

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