November 2, 2009

the learning process

I've been playing around with a couple of wire crochet techniques for the past week now. I haven't quite "gotten it" yet, but I thought it was interesting to document the process. I've tried crocheting wire before; but I was never really pleased with the results because it almost always looked like a giant wiry mess. I like the organic look, but what I came up with always looked like I just rolled a wire ball between my hands. I wanted some structure to it. It's been a few months and I'm tackling it again. Here's a "freeform" crochet tube. Not what I was going for.

Okay, here's the beginning of a bowl.
Nah. Not quite.
I ended up making a bird's nest while crocheting in the round. Not bad. I think the organic form works well with this piece. I used some leftover freshwater pearls in the stash that had no pairs. It turned out quite nice. But it still wasn't what I was going for. So, I tried another way. This was an "A-ha!" moment for me, especially after completing a few rows of this one.
But it was much different when I tried it in a round:
I think the number of loops was too few. So, I increased it by 2, and it was much easier to work with. I'll post more pictures when I can perfect it.
This isn't the only technique I've been playing with. I've also been playing with felting wool. I got my daughter to help me out with this one afternoon, and she really enjoyed felting the wool balls. I didn't have any wool roving as one would normally use to make the balls, I used the available wool yarn I had in my stash. I knitted a few pieces, and through some trial and error, I think I've come up with the right size.
My daughter made some of the balls:
And then we decided to glue them onto some acorn caps. Very fun.
We'll see what ends up in the shop. ;p

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