January 13, 2010


I'm an admitted newbie on twitter. But since I downloaded the Twitterific app for my iPod touch, I have made it a point to check my twitter often. Today was no exception. I happened to check my fellow tweeps at about 1:00pm or so, and happened to see tweets with a hashtag of #craftsocial. (I've only recently figured out those words with the # sign before them are for easy searching on Twitter.) So I followed the hashtag and stumbled upon an amazing social gathering amongst crafters! What luck! It was a whirlwind, but in a good way. There were so many tweets coming in, I had to refresh quite often to keep up with the conversation and see if anyone responded to my 5 or so tweets. I was excited to have that much interaction with people like me. It's the evening now and the only time I've been able to research what I had earlier participated in. Here's what I discovered:

I'm stoked there is a snapshot of someone responding to my tweet in the photo above. (I am @manoaroad.) Craftsocial is a Twitter social event for crafters, artisans, and creativistas to talk arts, crafts, life, and to meet fellow Twitterites. Today's craftsocial was hosted by crafty mavens Diane Gilliland (@SisterDiane)of Craftypod fame and Barbara Forbes-Lyons (@penguintrax). I can't tell from the site if the hosts change at different craftsocials. But both @SisterDiane and @penguintrax did a terrific job today guiding the conversation. Apparently, today's #craftsocial was the very first one. Nice! I'm marking my calendar for the next one when it's announced. I can't wait!

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