January 15, 2010

Fab Finds on Aloha Friday - 01.15.2010

Manoa Road has been on Etsy since August of 2006. Although I haven't been a stellar seller (ha ha -- I like how that rhymes), I have found the most amazing aspect of the crafting industry online is the tremendous sense of community it has built. We may be situated all over the world and perhaps only may have had a fortunate rare occasion to personally meet a fellow artisan. But it is through our crafts we are able to come together and do great things.

We all know by now the devastating earthquake that has struck the Island Nation of Haiti and her people. Today I am featuring a couple of groups donating their artistry and handmade goods to benefit the victims of the Haitian earthquake.
A Silent Auction is currently being held by Indie Fixx with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the Red Cross International Response Fund. The silent auction includes a variety of beautiful items from select artisans on Etsy, including handcrafted jewelry, apparel, and accessories. Auction links and bidding instructions are right on the site. To participate in the silent auction, just click on the Haiti Relief Fundraiser picture above to be brought to Indiefixx.com.

I discovered this just last night (1/14/10) while scanning the forums on Etsy. Keep a lookout for this shop that will soon be opening in the next few days called Hearts for Haiti, featuring items from a number of generous and wonderful Etsy artisans. All proceeds will be donated to Doctors without Borders to further their efforts in assisting the victims of the Haitian earthquake. They have just set up a blog for more information on etsyforhaiti.blogspot.com. (Please note, as of the publishing of this blog post, Hearts for Haiti and their blog are in the works and will be up and running soon. Please bookmark the shop and blog to keep up with their latest updates and when they will officially launch the Etsy shop. )

If I discover more groups of artisans doing similar ventures, I will absolutely post it up here.

Our hearts and prayers go to the victims and their families of the Haiti disaster.

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