January 11, 2010

Groundhog-Along with PlanetJune.com

I have really taken off on Twitter and pretty much check it as often as I do Facebook, a scary thought, really. Amongst the twitter, I observed a conversation regarding a "Groundhog-along." What the heck is that? Okay, it's really a 'crochet-along' with a diverse group of adventurous crocheters who work on the same project and have a target finish date. So, the "Groundhog-along" features an absolutely adorable little groundhog using a nifty pattern from Planetjune.com. I love amigurumi, so I couldn't pass it up. I purchased the pattern Saturday night and finished the body in about an hour's time. It's a pretty fast project to work up and the instructions were mega-easy, all you really need to know is the single crochet stitch, increasing, decreasing, and magic loop. I used Red Heart acrylic yarn in a rich brown hue, the only brown shade I had in my acrylic yarn stash. So, it's a dark one. I also love how the head took shape so quickly. It isn't a plain old round head. Here's proof of progress:

(I apologize for a few of the photos being a tad bit blurry. ) If you like to crochet, then check it out on the links posted above!
Honestly, I already had my crochet needles in hand when I finally decided to join the "Groundhog-along." I was on a roll, busy finishing a ton of crocheted Coffee-a-Go-Go Sleeves in a rad new design and a myriad of colors! Woo hoo! All of them are machine-washable too. Double woo-hoo! Please stay tuned. Hopefully, I can catch some good sunlight today and take some rockin' photos of the sleeves I'll be posting on my Etsy, Artfire, and 1000markets shops.

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janiejo said...

almost done! I just have to sew on the nose.

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