January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

May I share a little bubbly with you? Our new year's celebration was an intimate one, spent at home with Ryan Seacrest and the Times Square craziness on television. My family has a whole slew of good luck "superstitions", if you will, that we have been practicing for a long time now. This new year's celebration was no exception. Here's the rundown. Twelve round fruits in my fruit basket - one for each month of the new year, all for good luck. My mom called me earlier in the day to remind me, but I had beaten her to it. Hee hee. Our New Year's Eve dinner consisted of homemade chicken veggie lumpia, lumpiang shanghai, and pancit. The lumpia (i.e., Filipino egg rolls) were the "pocket" foods for good luck, and pancit (Filipino fried noodles) for long life. Honestly, I think the deep fried lumpia negated the "long life" the noodles are supposed to promote, but they were all tasty nonetheless. Coins were thrown on the floor in each room of the house for prosperity. My Mom's superstition is the longer they stay of the floor, the longer wealth will stay in the new year. I had to sit my kids down and explain to them how they had to wait until my signal to pick up the money. When midnight rolled around, they were all anxiously clutching their containers and eyeing all the coins on the ground. My youngest cried right through midnight because she didn't want to be a trooper like her older sister and brother. (It didn't help she was mega-cranky because she missed her afternoon nap.) At midnight, all the lights were turned on in every room of the house and lots of noise made by the kids to ward off bad spirits. We popped open the Sparkling apple cider for our New Year's toast. This was the drink of choice, considering I was the only adult at home. And most importantly, hugs and kisses all around, to show our love. :) We don't know if all the superstitions work; but hey, they can't hurt, right? The kids went to sleep about 30 minutes after we rang in the new year. I stepped outside in the chilly 18 degree weather to look at the blue moon and take some pictures -- but after 5 feeble attempts for a good shot, I ran back inside before I lost all sensation in my fingers. At about 5 minutes til 1:00am, I settled for bed and put up my first post on Facebook, wishing everyone a terrific new year. I knocked out soon thereafter, only to be startled by a telephone call, a little after 2:00 am, from my Mom and my fam in Vegas, who wished us a Happy New Year. May 2010 be full of blessings for you and yours.

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