January 26, 2010

(shameless) Self Promo

I like to think I am a creative spirit. I can do so many different things, sometimes to my dismay when I decide I want to do so many different projects as once; a bain for lots of crafty folk. My abilities may not have translated so well in my Manoa Road shop when I put up a set of sterling silver wire-wrapped jewelry one day, crocheted sleeves another day, and knitted apple cozies the next. The hodgepodge was starting to get out of hand, and possibly turn off some potential visitors. Manoa Road has been on Etsy since August 2006 and it needed a little organization. Okay, a lot of organization. I wanted to make my store more customer friendly and not subject you to the inner workings of my brain and how scattered it really is. I would love to say it was a 'no-brainer' to come up with another shop. But it wasn't. I mulled over it all day Sunday thinking about how to do it; potential names, banners, researching information, etc., and taking care of my kids in between. All day.

I had finally made "Manoa Road" my own after 3-1/2 years, especially on google search engines and social networking. I wasn't about to start from scratch. I wanted to build upon what I already have. And then, while cooking eggs and bacon for brunch and drinking my first cup of coffee after a week of battling an annoying cold, I had an "A-HA!" moment: Manoa Road Cafe. My hubby and I always wanted to open a coffeehouse -- now here's a chance for us to do it. Granted, I can't serve real coffee, but it appeared to be the best place to house the Coffee-a-Go-Go Sleeves that are very popular in my first shop.
It was fun renaming the coffee cozies to fit the "Cafe" theme and I will continue to do that from now on. Here are a few of the awesome things I'm offering in the Cafe aside from the way cool Coffee-a-Go-Go Sleeves: (1) Same terrific packaging, comprised of a handcut cardstock box (in colors complementary to the sleeve) and care instructions on vellum. ALL Coffee-a-Go-Go Sleeves have always been packaged this way.
(2) FREE SHIPPING to all destinations within the United States and Canada, and a flat rate of $4.00 for everywhere else in the world.
New coffeehouse creations will be posted to this Cafe, adding to it's fun flair.
Manoa Road on Etsy will still carry lovely adornments and jewelry trees, just sans the coffee cozies and apple sleeves. It should be a better shopping experience for my awesome customers.
Stay tuned and don't forget to bookmark Manoa Road Cafe! Thank you for all your support through the years! I hope to see you in the Cafe too!


Jane said...
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Rory O said...

good luck!

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