February 8, 2010

Congrats, New Orleans Saints! Thanks for the Nail-Biter...

I tuned in to the boob tube and got pulled into watching last night's Super Bowl.  I sat down on the couch with my crochet hook and yarn and told myself I was going to change the channel if there was an obvious lead early on.  I wasn't cheering for anyone in particular, but OH, WHAT A GAME!  I couldn't change the dang channel.  I love the fact the scoring was so close throughout most of the night.  It was anyone's game by the 3rd quarter and made for an exciting time!

Notable moments: In the second quarter, I thought the Colts defensive smackdown at the 1 yard line was painful for the Saints; but oh, holy redemption, was Porter's interception and 70+ yards touchdown!  The beginning of the third quarter when everyone was scrambling for the ball was strange with a pile of burly men on top of each other, yelling and trying to grab the football.  I thought that weird kickoff was a mistake. ?!  I also noticed the Saints running backs slipped around alot whenever they received the ball from the QB.  

But overall, great Super Bowl game!  Good job New Orleans Saints, the Big Brees-y and the City of New Orleans.  That was fun.

I managed to make these two in between screaming, jumping, and talking to the TV screen.  I could have made a few more, but just couldn't.  Ha ha!

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