February 19, 2010

Fab Finds on Aloha Friday - 2.19.2010

I was perusing Google News yesterday and read an article from WebMD entitled "Study: Happiness Good for the Heart."  Does that not seem like common sense?  Well, now there is some scientific support for it. The most interesting snippet I found on this WebMD article is a quote from the the lead researcher, who, after tracking and monitoring the subject group for 10 years, recommended "devoting at least 15 to 20 minutes a day to doing something enjoyable and relaxing; [and to] make sure this activity is not the first thing to be abandoned on a busy day. You have to commit to it," the lead researcher says. "Schedule the time and stick to it."

I like that! 

We crafty folks enjoy doing what we do, devoting many minutes (if not hours) to it; and to each person with each their own reasons; but ultimately it brings happiness to the soul.  And now, it's also good for your heart too!

With that, here are my Fab Finds for this Aloha Friday, because now scientists are on their way to validating the things that make us happy.

These wonderful artisans are all on Artfire.  Please discover them for yourselves. 

And be happy -- it's good for your health!  Besides, it's Friday. :)


heather knitz said...

Thanks so, so much for including my doggie in the window buttons! What an honor....have a fabulous weekend,

Vera said...

Sorry, the only word that comes to mind is adorable! I'm curious now!

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