February 26, 2010

Fab Finds on Aloha Friday - 2.26.2010

Etsy rocks. If you've been on the handcrafted marketplace, you know about their Treasury, an amazing way for members to curate their favorite items and create a list to their heart's desire.  However, one of the gripes I have about the Treasury is I NEVER get a chance to do a list!  It is always full and, for one to actually get one, it is the luck of the draw, or the planets have aligned that day, or a guardian angel isn't on a day off, whatever -- and then the Treasury list is online only for a few days just to be replaced by new lists.  Okay, I guess I can't really say "never"; I managed to curate one a few years ago.  Just ONE.  And, to top it off, it was a beta test.  Oh, I made sure I got a screenshot of that one. 

One of wonderful things I enjoy about doing Fab Finds on Aloha Friday is the fact I can curate my own treasuries and draw your attention to some really rocking creative minds out here in cyberspace.  This week, I am featuring some fabulous finds that made me exclaim out loud, "That's frickin' COOL!"

A little background on this week's list.  I was staring at my crocheted cozy for my FreeAgent Go and I was curious to see if anyone had cozies with pockets.  So, onto Etsy I went and searched for "pockets." I came across #1 on my list, and I said to my computer (as if it would react to me), "That's frickin' COOL!"  The scarf is masculine and I thought it would be fun to discover other handcrafted awesomeness with a similar tone; and so the rest of the list was compiled with the men in my life in mind (my hubby, son, and brothers-in-law, to be exact).  I hope today's Fab Finds make you say, "That's (*expletive*) COOL!"

1 Handgun Pocket Scarf, by WICE
Crochet?  Reminds me of James Bond?  Coolness.

2 8GB USB Memory in a Lego Chrome Darth Vader by 123smile
I'm a geek.  My son turned me on to the minifigures. And, it can hold data too!

3 Mithril and Black Small Chain Mail Dice Bag by Sartorial Steel
For you Gamers out there.  Imagine how rocking you would look pulling your dice out of this bag!

4 Silver Plated Transformer Autobots and Decepticon Cufflinks by finkstudio
More than meets the eye.

5 Variety Set of 4 Recycled Beer Bottle Glasses by YAVAglass
Why throw away those beer bottles you just finished?

6 Great Bowl O Fire Recycled Steel Firepit, 37-Inch Diameter by johntunger
Now, this is craftsmanship!  Awesome! (I also love the fact the photo's got Diamond Head in the background...)

7 Master Key Cuff, Leather with Antique Skeleton Key by urbanheirlooms
I'm thinking Brendan Fraser in The Mummy with this one.  I'm sure the younger set envisions Edward in Twilight.  Am I showing my age?  Oh, be quiet.

IronMan Decal by CraftyGalDecals
I love how she incorporates the Apple logo into the artwork. 

Thanks for spending a little time with me. I hope you had fun looking at my Fab Finds today!  Happy Aloha Friday!


Jason Anderson said...

Thank you very much for including my dice bag! Say, to get treasuries, do you know about the timer at http://www.craftopolis.com/ ?

cindylouwho2 said...

Such cool finds! Love the beer glasses & the dice bag

Vera said...

I love the Darth Vader USB! Friggin cool :)

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