April 9, 2010

Doing your part to Go Green: Fab Finds on Aloha Friday - 04.09.2010

Earth Day is April 22, 2010.  This post may be a tad bit early for Earth Day, but one can never be too early to do their part to save the earth.  While it is fantastic to purchase items that are upcycled or recycled, it is even more self-gratifying to create things yourself out of the materials you would normally throw away or donate.

Today's finds are a collection of TUTORIALS (again!) I discovered on Etsy to inspire you to add a little green in your life.  My search comprised of "recycle+tutorials" and "upcycle+tutorials".   Check it here:

1:  PDF Tutorial Creative Cowl from an Upcycled T-shirt by TheWonderCraft
Got t-shirts you can't fit anymore? Can't bring yourself to throw away special ones?  Here's a new way to give them a second life.

2:  PDF Tutorial Handmade Recycled Paper Plantable Gift Tag How-To by GreenPost
I mentioned GreenPost's recycled paper magnets a few Fab Finds ago -- and now she has a tutorial to make some recycled and plantable gift tags to make yourself.  I am definitely buying one of these tutorials soon.

3:  Fabric Scrap Flower by RebeccaSower
You or anyone you know sew? Then you would definitely have remnants lying around in your stash.  You can create this cute embellishment with the remnants you have left over!

4:  DIY Envelope Book PDF eBook by BurgundyDistrict
My used envelopes always go into the shredder; but this is a neat idea to recycle what you always get in the mail.

5:  PDF EPattern Embossed Recycled Soda Can by RepeatingPatterns
Ingenious!  Embossed recycled soda cans to embellish a frame.  Nice!

6:  Recycled Kids Clothing Tutorial Patch Pants by VictoriaVelting
I've got 3 runtniks who outgrow clothes every few months or so.  That's why I have 4 boxes of old clothes from my eldest, organized by age to pass down to the baby as she grows.  If the old ones are out of style, this tutorial would be a great way to update old looks!

7:  Tabistry Basics StepbyStep Illustrated Tutorial by mieljolie
Still going along the soda can theme, check out the things you can make with the tabs from the tops of soda cans! This tutorial provides the basics to make your own recycled projects. 

8:  Tutorial Make Your Own Vinyl Record Cuff by bbennyandthejet
Got old vinyls? This is a terrific way to recycle old 45s into fun memorabilia. 

I hope these tutorials inspire you to do your part in going green every day. Give a little good karma and visit these really cool shops today, okay?  Happy Aloha Friday!


Leo and Junie said...

I love your finds posted here! I left an award for you on my blog. Stop by: http://leoandjunie.blogspot.com

Jane O said...

Thank you! I'll be sure to check it out! :)

victoria said...

Thanks for including me in this awesome list, and for remembering earth day! Perhaps now I'll get something together for my blog...

I'm checking out that cool scarf next!

Beth H said...

Hi Jane,
I'm one of the owners of The WonderCraft & we're so excited that you mentioned our t-shirt necklace kit here! Thanks & Happy Earth Day!

Kendra Zvonik said...

Thanks again for your support of my work!
You should def. make some of your own tags! You will enjoy the process :)
xo Kendra

Cassie said...

These are fabulous finds!!!

NANCY DARE said...

Lots of great finds!

Della said...

I never would have guessed those were soda cans on the picture frame. Ingenious idea!

polwig.com said...

These are wonderful. Thank you for creating such a beautiful list.

Jane O said...

I really have a lot of fun putting together my Fab Finds on Aloha Friday; this one even more in particular because they were all tutorials for upcycling or repurposing everyday items. Thank you everyone for your gracious comments!

Edie's Fashion Factory said...

What a treasure trove of super upcycled tutorials. I get so excited about repurposing materials to make new cool wearables. Thanks for putting this list together.
BTW, I found you via Craft Critique's Blog Carnival and thought your posting was so chock full of cool stuff that I link'd you on my blog today.

Thanks again for the inspirations!

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