April 16, 2010

Fab Finds on Aloha Friday - 04.16.2010

A few days ago I was watching my local Fox news and learned this month's pollen levels in Missouri are the worst it has been in the last 30 years.  That explains the severity of my allergies for the past two weeks. I have been suffering with the itchiest eyes I have ever experienced in my life; without much relief even after taking 3 eye medicines, Zyrtec, Sudafed, and finally, sleep-inducing Benadryl.  *sigh.* 

So, in between the eye washes, the eye drops, and the congestion, I manage to seclude myself inside my air-conditioned home while I glare longingly out my bright windows to play outside, watch the wind blow the allergens in the air, and observe all of the cars coated in yellowish-green pollen.  Where or where is the rain?  More importantly, where, or where is my relief?! 

But I have a sense of humor through all this.  Many artisans find beauty in the natural world, and some even find beauty in -- yes -- pollen.  This week's Fab Finds focuses on those who have been inspired by the beauty of springtime outside and of my current nemesis.  Enjoy!

See?  Pollen can be beautiful on your wall -- and the best part? It won't make you sneeze.

This is really cool.  According to the artist, the pieces on this bracelet were carved from wood and painted with watercolors.  Very eclectic.

This alluring pendant is hand-stamped and domed on both sides.  Adorn thyself with this pollen-pod!

Created as part of this artist's meditation practice, this is an original painting created with traditional Chinese brush-painting techniques. 

5:  Busy Bee Photographic Print by ssarakowski
Beautiful macro shot of a bee doing its thang. 

Pollen as beautiful home decor.   Not allergy-inducing.  Very good.

I didn't know bee pollen can be used to nourish and protect the skin!  I learn new things every day.

 8:  Pollen Bowl Ring by TesaPots
The focal piece is wheel-thrown and embellished to look like pollen in its center.  Unique.

Pollen-inspired craftiness.  I love it even if I'm in a allergic stupor.  Happy Aloha Friday, everyone! :)


Victoria Webb said...

Thanks so much for including my painting 'Pollen Season' in this wonderful lineup. I suffer from allergies as well, and here in southeastern PA all the trees are now in bloom, the azaleas are just budding out....achoo!

This painting was inspired by just that, exploding pollen. Shown in a 1990 exhibit at the Huntsville Museum of Art.

Ren said...

Thank you for including my "Pollen" painting. What a wonderful selection of items. I like the way you expressed the thematic idea both literally and visually.

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