April 30, 2010

For the Gardening Mama - Fab Finds on Aloha Friday - 04.30.2010

We've been blessed this week with fabulous sunny and windy weather.  While filled with antihistimines, I headed outdoors and managed to tackle transferring my 4 year old daughter's seedlings into pots.  While digging the potter's soil out of the bag, I was giggling to myself.  Ever since college, I practically have killed anything I ever attempted to grow in a pot.  Even cacti.  In fact, the plants under my care only thrived when we went on vacation last year. I brought all the indoor plants outside and placed them under the deck so they wouldn't get direct sunlight.  I figured the rainwater would be sufficient to keep them watered.  Guess what?  They thrived the entire month we were gone.  When I brought them back indoors, I tried to keep them in good condition.  Alas, I managed to kill a ficus.  Boo.

My mom, on the other hand, has the greenest thumb of anyone I've ever known.  When I was a kid, I remember the huge backyard and side gardens we had around our house on Guam.  We grew sweet potatoes, long green beans, calamansi (small lemons), eggplants, bittermelon, watermelon, papaya -- face it, we could have opened our own vegetable stand.  When my parents moved to Hawaii, their house was filled with orchids -- indoors and out -- phalaenopsis, spider orchids, hybrids, purple, white, yellow, orange, red -- she had them all -- in addition to avocado, mangoes -- well, you get the picture.

So, this week, since Mother's Day is just around the corner (May 8, 2010, for you procrastinators), this list is an homage to gardening, my Mom, and her green thumb.  Perhaps you may discover some fabulous ideas for your mama.  Enjoy!

1:  Cherry Vase by Bowlfly
A beautiful container for beautiful blooms.  It's a perfect way to display fabulous phalaenopsis and other flora.

2:  Garden Stampings Vintage Spoon Quote Collection by JLynnCreations
Can't remember what you planted?  This is a cute twist on plant markers; and it looks like heirloom quality.

3:  Outdoor Herb Garden  Individual Triangle Pots by 8point8
I love the unconventional triangular planter boxes.  Very unique!

4:  For the Love of a Mother by Still Lily
This is a unique gift for mom! A beautiful glass orb terrarium of sorts adorned with a succulent and red coral accents.  A bit reminiscent of the beach, isn't it?

5:  Phal Su An Cricket x Stobartiana - Fragrant Orchid Seedling by SapphireChild
This is a very interesting orchid hybrid, which, according to the shop owner, is a cross of phalaenopsis Su An Cricket and Stobartiana and produces a very fragrant bloom.   My mother would enjoy this one.

6:  Garden Trellis in Natural Cedar or Driftwood by Andrews Reclaimed
The craftsmanship on this trellis is amazing!  This is definitely a beautiful addition to anyone's garden! 

7:  Garden Dibble by WoodElements
I understand the need for this dibble, especially after transplanting the seedlings into pots.  A dibble would have made my life a little easier by creating a uniform hole for the seedlings without fighting with the dirt falling into the hole.  The quality of WoodElements' products is outstanding; I purchased a Garden Pot Maker last month and the workmanship is fantastic!

8:  Herbs Box by compulsivecollection
I like (trying) to grow herbs.  They are (supposedly) easy to grow and maintain.  This handcrafted planter is a very stylish place to grow herbs for your kitchen. 

* Special Mention: 
Andrews Reclaimed has been in my favorites list for quite some time now because of this beautiful piece:

I am bummed because it has been sold a long while ago (so I dug it out of the Sold list to get a photos of it). However, since Mother's Day is right around the corner, I just wanted to 'put it out there' that it was on my wish list...

And that's all folks!  I hope you enjoyed today's finds and have a Fabulous Aloha Friday!


SapphireChild said...

Lovely selections! Thanks for including my little plant!

Dotty said...

Beautiful collection! Makes me want to get out in the garden!

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