April 2, 2010

Guam is My Hometown & Fab Finds on Aloha Friday - 4.2.2010

Ai adai!

I'm from Guam. Island-raised and grew up there until I left for college. Yesterday, a bunch of my old friends from Guam were circulating this viral video on Facebook and I had to check it out. I was laughing my ass off
when I saw it. For posterity's sake, I had to post it here.

I was thinking this video was some sort of April Fool's joke, but no.  Amidst all the snarky comments on FB, one person mentioned that Rep. Johnson has an illness.  Now, I am not making fun of Rep. Johnson's condition, nor do I know the extent of his medical circumstances, but he seriously appears to be under the influence of some sort of medication.  And how can I deny it?! The resulting dialogue is pretty funny.

Yes, this is a strange lead-in to today's Fab Finds, but it brought my hometown to mind. I searched for a few talented artisans/crafters who either live on Guam, have strong ties to the island, or have been inspired by its natural beauty to showcase in my Fab Finds on Aloha Friday. Here are my discoveries:

1: Guam Kingfisher - 8x8 Photograph by Gary Heller Photography
This brought me back. I remember doing a report on the Micronesian Kingfisher in middle school. I also remember having to painstaking color a hand-drawn bird for that report too. Whew! This is far more beautiful than what my 11 year old hands could have conjured up.

2: Guam Style Grocery List Green Bag by mylodesign
Chorizo! Pan de Leche! Don’t forget the toilet paper, fan! How can you forget the essentials with this eco-friendly bag?

3: Island Style Sundress, Brown & Blue Hibiscus by JaneofAllTrades
Glorious sun, sand, and surf makes this cute little dress a necessity for island life. Very cute!

4: Moss Bunny Rabbit Knit Hat by Jujubug
I learned of Jujubug through a old school friend on Facebook. She is another fellow artisan who grew up on Guam.

5: Fin Ring by Rae007
This beautifully crafted sterling silver ring is made on Guam. Awesome!

6: Computer Programmer Fingerless Gloves by Emotional Baggage
I am a sucker for fingerless gloves. I just am. Dude, you’ll be chic using these while working on your codes on the computer.

7: Bandana by Puppy Love Guam
Dress up your special puppy with this cute bandana!

8: Baby Bunny Key Chain by NomNomNomm
This young crafter was recommended to me by one of my friends from high school. Adorn yourself with these cute amigurumi babies.

Rest assured my friends, even with global warming, an island firmly rooted onto the sea floor will not “tip over and capsize” if its population grew too large. If someone can point out to me when in history that has ever occurred, I will stand corrected.

Fecetious comments aside, I hope you enjoyed my Fab Finds for today, and don't forget to check out these talented artisans! Si yu'us ma'ase para todos hamyo!

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