May 21, 2010

May these Fab Finds be With You! Fab Finds on Aloha Friday - 5.21.2010

Last week I got bogged down uploading videos of my daughter's band performance on FB, it consumed most of my morning that I usually reserve for making my Fab Finds. Boo to me.  My apologies to you.

Hopefully, this is my moment of redemption. I could do a Father's Day Finds, but the procrastinator in me will wait till next week.  Father's Day is June 21, 2010, by the way. 

The History Channel has a "This Day in History" site, so I looked for something cool.

The American Red Cross was founded today in 1881.  Nah.  Too serious.

On this day in 1927, Charles Lindbergh, the namesake of our local school district, completed the first solo flight across the Atlantic and landed in Paris.  Nah, still too serious.

So I keep reading and discovered "This Week in History". 
Star Wars opened this week in 1977 -  May 25, 1977 to be exact.  Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh! 
I am going to indulge my inner geek and go with Star Wars!   Okay... I know it's a tad bit early, but this should be fun. 

I have all of the Star Wars movies.  All six of them. We also have the animated ones too.  We have 15 episodes of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' on the DVR.  Apparently, I also passed this on to my son by introducing the movies to my son and supplementing it with Star Wars Lego.  Enough proof of my geekdom, thanks.

Today's search yielded 59 pages of Star Wars wonder on Etsy.  Let's commence with the geekery, shall we?

1:  Yoda Star Wars Golf Club Cover by TraceyKnits
How cool is this? An ace on the golf course you will be.
2:   Judge Me By My Size, Do You?, Baby Onesie by Babywood
Ah ha ha ha ha ha!  Too cute!
3:  Kokeshi Doll - Princess and Pilot by temple7e
These artfully crafted wooden dolls are custom made to order and are plain awesome!   

So geeky, I love it!

For your young padawan.  For playtime, for anytime!

The dark side is more your fancy? 

7:  Storm Trooper iPhone iPod iTouch Case by nokomomo
Protect your iPod with this hand-embroidered storm trooper case created with felt. 

8:  Star Wars Darth Vader Stainless Steel Cufflinks by joekc27
Oooooooo, shiny.  And engraved with Lord Vader himself.  Awesome.
9:  Lego Stormtrooper Decal for Macbook by moviemagicman
I had my son in mind when I discovered this one.  Unmistakably Lego.

10:  Cool Yoda iForce Macbook Decal by LanaKole
This decal ROCKS!  iForce.  How catchy is that?  I always knew Yoda was the baddest of all the Jedi. 


Yes!  All this geekery is absolutely handcrafted and discovered on Etsy!  Check out these awesome artisans and visit their sites, will you?

Happy Aloha Friday and mahalo for reading!


toni said...

I love Star Wars, and I love these finds. Those wooden figures are TOO cute. Aloha!!

Jane O said...

Thanks, Toni! :)

nokomomo said...

AWESOME finds! thanks for adding my gadget case =)

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