May 4, 2010

Just having some Photofunia

Have you heard of  Photofunia?  It's definitely been around for a while (launched in 2007 -!-), but I only recently discovered it from a FB friend and I got around to checking it out yesterday.  I had a lot of fun on the site.  If you take a lot of pictures like me, then you probably have a vast archive of photographs on your hard drive.  Photofunia uses face recognition software to impose faces on a variety of existing photographs, from billboards to movie characters.  It also does some uber-easy manipulation of special effects, like engraving, glass crackle, and animated effects.  The best part is, you can save the images to your own hard drive and/or post them on your social network.  I believe they also have an app for the iPhone and the Google Android platforms to play with too.  (Woohoo!) I used a few of my kids' photos to play around with.  Today's gallery photo above is also made with Photofunia. Check it out!

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Iuri said...

Really nice post about photofunia
I enjoyed it a lot.
The other site like this is Picjoke.com - they do new effect every day

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